Youth Services

Girls Exclusive Summer Program

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Girls Exclusive Afterschool Program

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YWkids School Age Summer Program


YWkids School Age Afterschool Program

YWkids is located at The Campbell School, 145 Essex Street, New Bedford MA 02745. 

New Contact Number for YWkids is: 508-525-7961

YWKids School Age Program serves families in need of quality care for their children.  YWKids staff strive to acknowledge, respect and design ways to accommodate the uniqueness of each child so that all may reach their fullest potential.

YWKids School Age Program is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care.


YWKids School Age Program is designed to offer:

  • Educational experiences in a structured environment.
  • Hands-on, theme-based activities in subjects such as art, physical education, math, science, literature and the YWCA Hallmark programs of racial justice and economic advancement.  Activities lead children through the discovery process as individuals and as members of a group.
  • Program offerings guided by the creative process of staff and children together.


  • $19.00/after-school $38.00/full day
  • Vouchers are accepted from PACE
  • Income eligible slots are available through a contract with the Department of Early Education and Care
  • Supportive Services are available through referrals from the Department of Children and Families

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The Mayor’s Youth Council

The City of New Bedford—Mayor’s Youth Council (MYC) was created to be the eyes and ears of city youth in an advisory capacity to the mayor and city government.  The council assists city officials in the development of community projects from a youth’s perspective.  The Mayor’s Youth Council is a program of the YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts in partnership with the City of New Bedford Office of Human Services.

The MYC addresses leadership development as well as youth involvement and civic engagement in the development of city projects.  The council raises awareness about issues important to youth and gives youth a voice.  Participants learn leadership skills, advocacy, planning and organization, public speaking, and community service.  Members attend city council, school committee and youth and neighborhood subcommittee meetings and report back to the full council increasing their knowledge and awareness of issues addressed.

The MYC is made up of 25 youth entering 9th through 12th grade.  Youth self-nominate through an application process and are then invited to interview for open positions.  For more information, please contact Pam Pollock, program advisor, at (508)-965-6927 or email to

Mayor’s Youth Council is funded by the City of New Bedford’s Invest-in-Kids Program.

Youth/Police Dialogues

YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts’ YW Boston’s Youth/Police Dialogues is a nationally recognized program developed by the YW Boston, to provide a safe, structured way for young people and police officers to come together, speak openly and build trust and community.

Broken trust between police and residents decreases community safety and can have devastating consequences. Despite a shared goal of safer neighborhoods, improving police community relations remains challenging, particularly for communities of color that have suffered consequences of this mistrust for generations.  Youth/Police Dialogues is an effective approach to a nationwide issue.

Youth/Police Dialogues engage young people age 13-20 and police supports them to be invested and active change agents in their community for the long term. Over the course of six dialogue sessions trained facilitators lead a group of youth and police officers in voicing and addressing negative experiences and stereotypes and exploring how youth-police relationships affect community safety.

Over the course of six dialogues sessions, our highly trained facilitators lead a group of youth and officers in:

  • Voicing and addressing negative experiences and stereotypes.
  • Exploring how youth-police relationships affect community safety.
  • Building more trusting personal relationships.

Bridging Divides

Our Youth/Police Dialogues illuminates barriers between the youth and the officers  and encourages them to work together to brainstorm solutions. The six session curriculum covers topics critical to rebuilding positive relations, including stereotypes youth and police have of each other and the “stop snitching” culture and how to change it.  The dialogues are highly interactive and structured to increase trust and build relationships, using group-generated agreements, and 1 on 1 conversation.

Demonstrated Impact

Through the Youth/Police Dialogues, conflict between youth and police is reduced as understanding trust, and cooperation increase.

Youth that participate in the Dialogues series report:

  • Increased comfort in talking to police.
  • Increased sense of safety having police in their neighborhood.
  • Greater willingness to report a crime.

Police officers that participate in the dialogue series report:

  • Increased /consciousness of racial dynamics.
  • Greater effort to interact with youth outside of conflict settings.
  • Incorporate learning from the series into their policing.

For more information about the program, to become a facilitator or to schedule a dialogue for your group please contact Pam Pollock, Youth/Police Dialogue Coordinator at

This program is funded in part by United Way of Greater New Bedford South End Engaged and by a gift from the Island Foundation.