YWCA 2019 Annual Meeting

On Thursday, December 5, 2019, YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts held the 2019 Annual Meeting at the Waypoint Event Center in New Bedford, MA. Outgoing YWCA Board President Dr. Juli Parker shared her inspiring and emotional journey as a member of the YWCA Board of Directors for the past nine years. It was a bittersweet event, as the YWCA said goodbye to five other long-term board members: Vice-President Melissa Costa, Clerk Tanya Alves, Julie Duggan, Carmen Aguilar and Leanne Fisher-Ross.

YWCA Executive Director Gail Fortes thanked all of her board and staff for their continued dedication and service to the YWCA mission. Program participants from YWkids, Leading Ladies, the Health and Wellness Program, the Justice Flow Advocacy Project, and the Widowed Person’s Program gave touching testimonials about their experiences in the YWCA programs. Everyone who attended was reminded about how vital and life-changing the YWCA is to the community.

The YWCA would like to give a special thank you to our outgoing Board President, Dr. Juli Parker, Vice-President, Melissa Costa and Clerk, Tanya Alves. Thank you  for your long standing commitment and dedication to YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts. We will miss you all! We would also like to give a special thank you to outgoing YWCA Board Members Julie Duggan, Carmen Aguilar and Leanne Fisher-Ross. Thank you for your service to the YWCA!

Congratulations to our new officers of the YWCA Board of Directors:

President- Jane Gonsalves

Vice-President- Attorney Kristina daFonseca

Treasurer- Sharon Jones

Assistant Treasurer- Kelli Munroe

Clerk- Rita Braga


Picture left to right: Julie Duggan, Tanya Alves, Dr. Juli Parker, & Leanne Fisher-Ross


We are excited to welcome our new Board President, Jane Gonsalves!

Board Members picture left to right, front to back: Kristina da Fonseca, Jane Gonsalves, Sharon Jones, Rita Braga, Kendyll Ramos, Kristy Francis, Monica Furtado, Rebecca Laliberte, Patt Garcelon, and Lindsay Carter-Monteiro. Not pictured: Dr. Susan Sylvia, Julia Santos, Lynne Mastera and Kelli Munroe.












Welcome to our newest Board Members: Patricia Garcelon, Kendyll Ramos, and Lindsay Carter-Monteiro!

Patricia Garcelon

Patricia serves as Managing Partner of Darden Restaurant’s Longhorn Steakhouse. Beginning in 2005 in the company’s New Hampshire market, Patt was quickly recognized as an emerging leader. When she learned of a pending Wareham location in 2007, she seized the opportunity to make an impact in her own Southcoast community!  Patt was recently honored with Darden’s 2019 “Best in Class-People Leader” award, which recognizes those committed to positively impacting teams. Patt considers it a privilege and honor to have mentored numerous aspiring leaders. Patt earned her B.A. in General Studies/Education from Springfield College. She has been active in the Human Rights Campaign and Habitat for                                                                                      Humanity’s ‘Women Build’ effort.



Kendyll Ramos

Kendyll is currently employed by The Key Program. She serves as a Service Coordinator; coordinating placements and support and stabilization services for the Department of Children and Families. Kendyll has earned a B.A. in Crime and Justice Studies from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as well as a Masters in Social Work from Bridgewater State University. Kendyll is a New Bedford native who takes pride in playing an active part in her community. 




Lindsay Carter-Monteiro

Lindsay is the Administrative Coordinator for the Mayor’s Housing Task Force and proud mother of four children. Lindsay started volunteering on the YWCA Red Dress committee after participating as a model in 2013. She is currently the President of the Martha Briggs Educational Club, one of the oldest organizations for women of color. Lindsay is motivated, an effective team player and someone who can communicate with people from various backgrounds and with different personalities.