YWCA Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies is a leadership development initiative for young women. The primary aim of Leading Ladies is to empower young women through civic engagement, collaborative social justice efforts, networking, and the opportunity to participate in community dialogues and educational seminars. As a result, young women develop a diverse array of skills to enhance both their personal and professional lives.


Leading Ladies is open to women ages 18-30. The program is community-based and open to the public. Presently, Leading Ladies is also in the process of creating campus-based programming at both the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Bristol Community College.

Do you know a young woman who could benefit from Leading Ladies? Nominate them online. Fill out the contact form and send us a brief message with the nominee’s name, any available contact information to reach them, and any reasons why you think they should be involved. If you are interested in getting involved with Leading Ladies, fill out the contact form here or contact us at leadingladies@ywcasema.org.


Since its inception, the Leading Ladies has been successful in enhancing a social network among women and has coordinated numerous community activities including “Be Social” –a kick-off networking event, a volunteer partnership with a local donation center, a free racial justice training series and has coordinated volunteers to engage in other numerous community events.


For more information, email Lexis Duarte, Leading Ladies Coordinator: lduarte@ywcasema.org or Ashley Bendiksen, Leading Ladies Chair: leadingladies@ywcasema.org or call the YWCA: 508-999-3255.


Check us out on Facebook!  www.facebook.com/ywcaleadingladies