YWKids Need Your Help!

Kids are like plants! Nurture them and they will grow, blossoming into awesome flowers that are each different in their own ways. Here at the YWCA, this is what we aim to do in our K-6 summer program. Every summer, students come from all over the New Bedford area to attend our program with our amazing staff.

Students who attend our program get the benefit of:
Making learning fun; Conduct science experiments or build a passion for reading!
Field trips Galore; Attend places like Plymouth, or the Southwick Zoo!
Experience our new eye-catching classrooms!
Play on our newly built basketball court!
Meet and socialize with kids from all over the area! Build and cultivate diversity!
Work with the awesome YW Staff!

Everyday at our summer program is life-changing. Our children work together to not only learn, but to support one another through lessons, both academic and life, and everyday social encounters. These new experiences help students better previous relationships, build new ones, and develop their communication and empathy skills – help us help the next generation of great minds grow up!

Consider donating today.

More than half of our students attend on scholarship. Your donation will allow children to attend and have access to field trips and summer transportation to the program.

The program does run year-round, so if you don’t want the fun to stop when school rolls around this fall, it doesn’t have to! Prices start at $23.25 for a half-day or our year round afterschool program, and are $46.50 for a full day. If you are interested in donating to the program, please click here.